Boxed Bayberry Taper Candles

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Candles were an important part of everyday life in the 18th century. Bayberry candles were among the most prized candles in colonial America because of their clear, more consistent light and pleasant scent. One of the first written accounts of bayberry candles was in 1698 and exclaimed that instead of "stinking" they really do "perfume like incense." A Virginian historian reported in 1705 that the process of making bayberry candles was a very "modern discovery."

This set of two hand-dipped bayberry candles was made using traditional early American methods. Crafted from the waxen berries of the bayberry shrub, these candles arrive with a printed insert that explains the tradition of burning candles on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve for good luck.

? True bayberry candles (not simulated wax)
? Boxed set of two
? Hand-dipped
? Made from the waxen berries of the bayberry shrub

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