DVD | Draken Harald Harfagre

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Set sail on a genuine, transatlantic Viking adventure! In 2008, Norwegian entrepreneur Sigurd Aase decided to build what would be the biggest Viking longboat to sail the oceans for over 1,000 years. The Draken in a recreation of what the Vikings called a "great ship", and its design and construction draws on a combination of traditional Norwegian ship building skills and archaeological findings.

In April 2016, the Draken left her home port of Haugesund in Norway and set course for America. The crew of 34 men and women, led by the experienced captain Bjorn Ahlander, was to sail across the Atlantic, following in the walk of the Norse explorer, Leif Erikson. Ahead lay a daunting journey through treacherous waters and challenges such as icebergs, storms, sea sickness, and constantly changing winds.

This documentary follows the crew of the Draken - the largest Viking ship of modern times - on their epic voyage from Norway to New York City.

Run Time 70 Minutes