'M' Burgee Mug

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The Museum's Burgee is bathed in history. The experiences of the people who served, and serve under it have given it a special meaning for over 175 years. The large letter "M" in the center of the burgee has inspired plenty of speculation and opinions over the years as to what it stands for. Because it is the flag of Mystic Seaport Museum, it would naturally seem to stand for Mystic. But where does the design and meaning come from originally? There are many possibilities considering how many significant names at the Museum begin with the letter "M" . This specific flag was the personal flag of Charles W. Morgan, who was an agent for a number of whaleships. Once the whaleship Charles W. Morgan came to the museum in 1941, we adopted the flag as our own. So you can see how the people who served under that flag have varied experiences over the 178 years since the Morgan flew it.

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