Seafood Secrets Cookbook Volume I

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Seafood Secrets Cookbook Volume I
by Ainslie Turne

An encore of recipes from the Mystic Seaport Members! Fancy a flounder...? Cuddle up with a cod...? Tempted by a tuna...? Marvel over mussels...? Swoon at a salmon...? Not as far fetched as one might think. Remember the ancient Chinese proverb that insists, "A wise man eats well." The modern Chinese proverb new says, "A wise man eats fish." So update your cooking and dining experience with this tempting collection of over 400 seafood recipes. From simple to elegant, share these dishes at cocktail parties, luncheons, picnics or buffets... both ashore and afloat. Featuring a delectable repertoire of family favorites amusingly illustrated by Sally Caldwell Fisher. You might begin with: Recipe Sections include: - Martini Bait - Put On the Pot - Main Catch - Pasta - Luxurious Lobster - On Board - Traditional - Light the Fire - Top it Off - Go With

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