Turner in his time

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Written by Andrew Wilton
J. M. W. Turner is one of the most famousand most mysterious of artists. His paintings are among the masterpieces of Western art, and the range of his work and the originality of his technique make him a giant. He kept his private life a secret, and his contradictory personality, his love of mystification, and his revolutionary manner of painting all fascinated his contemporaries and still arouse our curiosity today.

Andrew Wilton’s knowledge and enthusiasm uniquely qualify him to introduce us to the artist’s life, and he concentrates here on original sources: Turner’s writings, in the form of letters, notes, and verse; impressions recorded by his contemporaries; and reviews of his exhibited works. A comprehensive illustrated chronology covers Turner’s travels, exhibitions, and projects, and includes portraits of his friends and patrons, views of places with which he was associated, and works by other artists who played a crucial role in forming his style and thought.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
Artwork: 186 illustrations, 164 in color
Size: 10.8 in x 11.2 in x 1.3 in
Published: February 17th, 2007

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